Become a Clean Stream Champion!

Clean water starts at home – the little changes you make can improve water for our health, our pets and wildlife.

Many of New Castle County’s waterways are polluted and much of it is coming from what we do in our own homes and yards.

You can be part of the solution to improve New Castle County’s water by pledging to help with these 5 easy steps.

Make a Difference

Together, New Castle County residents can make a difference.

Join Us – It’s free, simple, and we can help you get started. Take the Pledge!

Scoop Dog Poop - Clean Streams
Garden for Water & Life - Clean Streams
Only Rain Down the Drain - Clean Streams
Reduce Household Chemicals - Clean Streams
Cease the Grease - Clean Streams

Clean Stream Water - Garden for Water & Life

1: Before the leaves come out and the birds start nesting is a great time to prune trees and shrubs. Always make your cut just above a bud, to avoid unsightly & unhealthy stubs. When cutting back dried stems, leave some at knee high so the solitary bees, which are

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